Important Technology Information for Parents

Hello Parents/Guardians of Central Valley High School students!

As you are all aware Ceres Unified School District has started its 1:World initiative. In an effort to make every child’s education an equitable one we have provided your students with Chromebooks! We are proud to say that students and teachers alike are enjoying the benefits of using technology as a tool to learn in the classroom. Our site is truly embracing Chromebooks and the access they offer our students. With this change we know there is also great responsibility and new learning for both parents and students therefore, we hope this page has you feeling involved and informed of the new technological processes and changes at CVHS.
Thank you,
Angelica Mariscal
Lead Learning Director

Parent Technology Workshops dates and presentation:

          8:30 am - 9:15 am  5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
   November 5 @ BK   December 9
   December 3   February 17
   January 7  

*Meetings will be held in collaboration with Blaker Kinser parents. 

Step by step guide: How to work from home without WiFi

Resources for parents:

  1. Chromebook and Drive Overview (for Parents)

  2. Tablet and Drive Basics and Tablets 2.0

  3. Device Care

  4. Drive Offline for Chromebooks & Tablets

  5. HMH Math Player (Accessing Math at Home)

  6. Managing Devices at Home

  7. 1:World Web Site

Everything you need to know that is college related is on this website:

Changes to Balloting process for 16-17:

This year there will be a few changes to the way students select their courses for the 16-17 school year at CVHS. Beginning this year students will no longer be provided a paper copy of their Course Catalog (descriptions of courses) they will however still be provided with a paper copy of their ballot (list of offered courses) for you to review with your student.  We will be disseminating Course Catalogs to students  and parents through Google Classroom which is accessible on your student’s Chromebook. Parents will still be able to view both the ballot and the Course Book on their student’s Chromebook or on this page with the links below. We know selecting classes for next year is very important to all students and parents therefore, we encourage you to view them both as a team.

Please feel free to set up an appointment with your student’s Learning Director before January 12thwhen students begin making choices for the 16-17 school year if you have any questions.

Course Book for 2016-2017

Student Ballot Links - Click on the link that matches your grade level for next year:

9th Grade Ballot

10th Grade Ballot

11th Grade Ballot

12th Grade Ballot

Changes to 4 Year Plans:

All ninth grade students create a 4 Year Plan in December prior to balloting. Students will still create a 4 Year Plan but this year we will develop this plan in their student portal account on Infinite Campus.   This plan is created to assist students in getting an overview of the courses they will need to take and pass in high school.  It will still require parent approval through Infinite Campus.  We hope moving to this process will create more conversations among you and your student. We also hope that it will be easier to manage and change your student’s choices and career paths as they change through their high school years!