Google Offline Process

Google Offline Step ProcessStep by step guide on how to work at home without WiFi

1) Teachers push out assignment through Google Classroom.  MUST BE IN GOOGLE DOC in Google Docs form.

  • Best Practice: set for “Make a copy for each student”

2) Students must open the document on Wifi

  • Test took about 10 minutes to sync to offline status

3) Students can access Google Doc from their Drive

  • Google Classroom will not work without WiFi, students must get things from the classroom folder in Google Drive

4) Students can type on their assignment without WiFi.  If they click on the “Drive” icon on their toolbar, it will allow them to manipulate materials that are ALREADY in their Drive.

  • If they close the tab, these changes won’t appear until they have WiFi again and have allowed the offline changes to sync.

5) When students get back to WiFi, they must open their Document in drive and see the popup that says “syncing offline changes”

  • If students don’t open and sync their document in Drive, the changes will not appear when an assignment is submitted in Classroom.

6) Once the changes have synced, students can hit the “Turn in” button on the upper right hand corner of the screen to submit the assignment or the “Turn In” option in Google Classroom.

PS.  Students can also open Drive and make a new Google Document for an assignment that they are completing on their own and then ADD the assignment to Google Classroom from their Drive like an attachment once they RETURN to WIFI.